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Channel Changer

Title: Channel Changer
Fandom: Diabolo
Character: Kyouya
Rating: G
Summary: The stations broadcast no music.
Word Count: 100

Channel Changer

The stations broadcast no music. It's all talk. Voices.

Dynamic, shrill, whispered, muttered. It runs the gamut. Each head is different. Some of them, when he tunes in, are congested with thoughts, making it difficult to sound out solid strings of words, trains of thought. Some people think too quietly. Some people are boring even during times of contemplation. The list of complaints can go on for miles.

This aside, it's too easy to switch stations, tune in to a different mind when one loses his interest. There are countless minds out there. Better someone else's thoughts than his own.
Tags: ! diabolo, kyouya (diabolo), ~ drabble: up to 200 words
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